These are my confessions…

  • I enjoy eating BBQ sauce on bread; it’s a delicious snack.
  • Even if something isn’t completely warm after I microwave it…I still eat it.
  • I would eat sushi every day if I could.
  • I don’t feel guilty about eating seafood. (See above confession)
  • Sometimes I miss being vegan (however, please see above).
  • I snack all day long.
  • I try not to keep cookies or potato chips in the house.
  • When cookies or potato chips are in the house…they are gone in a heartbeat ;)
  • I’m naturally lazy but overcompensate by attempting to be “Type A.”
  • I’m addicted to getting “A’s” in school.
  • My favorite food is…tortilla chips and salsa.
  • I think the smell of pork products cooking is mesmerizing…
  • I’ve been reading some food blogs for so long that these women are celebrities to me. If I ever met them…I’d probably stutter as much as I would in front of John Mayer. Is that weird?
  • I love to read recipes and cookbooks.
  • I think food tastes best when:
    • you’re watching a cooking show; or
    • you’re cooking for someone you love; or
    • someone you love is cooking for you.
  • I think most people (including myself) are more likely to read and comment on your blog when you’re doing a giveaway.
  • Now…TIME FOR A GIVEAWAY (Nice segue huh?)!!


WHO: You!

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?: Goodies and a gift card from Whole Foods as well as some homemade scones!

WHY: Because I appreciate everyone who reads my blog!

HOW: To enter my first giveaway (ever), leave a comment below with one of your confessions!

WHEN: I will randomly pick a winner on Friday, August 19, 2011!


GOOD LUCK Winking smile



Disclosure: This giveaway is to you, from love me. I was not compensated for any of the products in this giveaway.


21 thoughts on “These are my confessions…

  1. My confession: I am so addicted to chocolate that I snitch candy from my kids’ Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.

  2. I eat nutella by the spoonful…then deny deny deny when my husband asks “how can we be low on nutella already?” But I think you already knew that :)

  3. I eat a piece of American cheese around ten o clock every night while making my lunch for the next day. Every night, I try to hide it from my wife.

  4. I told myself I could eat at chickfila once a week as a treat while pregnant. Im not pregnant anymore but cant stop….im addicted!

  5. I have come to accept that I am powerless over “fast food”. But, now that I have admitted this, I am going to make it my next goal to reduce this very unhealthy habit.

  6. Thank you for offering such a fun and generous giveaway! Like you, I cannot keep snacks in the house or I will eat them. I especially love salty snacks like chips, but I wouldn’t kick a good chocolate bar out of the pantry. ;)

  7. I could eat pasta and cooked up veggies (asparagus, onions and a bell pepper), topped with fresh Parmesan cheese everyday for the rest of my life (though I might need more protein!).

    I like when toast is a little burnt.

    I like my chai spicy! (but that’s not a secret that i need to confess!)

    I can’t have chips in the house and I will eat the whole bag in bed while watching reruns of old tv shows on netflix…

  8. Apple slices with peanut butter is my favorite snack. And sometimes I lick the spoon :) now that I’ve grossed everyone out, consider this my entry

  9. Everything is better shellacked in peanut butter: waffles, pancakes, pop tarts, cookies… you name it. Jiffy, Skippy, no-name brand… I don’t discriminate. All-time favorite would be mint Girl Scout cookies from the freezer covered in PB. Oh-so-yummy! This magical concoction is why I have to run all the time.

  10. I confess that sometimes dinner consists of some of my most fav mushroom spaghetti sauce. I heat it up in the microwave and voila! Dinner! Also, while I’m confessing, and know that I will NOT be judged, sometimes dinner consists solely of pop corn made on my stove top. No microwave stuff…bad stuff in the bags. And lastly, I confess that I just LOVE to wander around in Whole Foods just to soak in the ambiance of that store. I adore Whole Foods!!! Wonderful stuff and lots and lots of things I’ve never ever hear of but try every now and again! Miss you D!
    Please don’t disqualify me from your contest…I’m having trouble actually posting to your site. Phooey! Tried already twice and no dice.

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