Twenty Seven?

It’s true, I’m 27 now. A little shocking to type that number since I still feel like I’m… 12 16 18 21!

Saturday was my birthday and it started with coffee, fresh fruit, homemade blueberry cake…and presents!

z got me a lime green, silicone (BPA-free!) travel water dish for when we go out with Louis. I had been looking for one but didn’t like the ugly collapsible ones I was finding. I love it and so does Louis!

He also got me a super (super) generous gift card to Red Door Spa so I can get the massage I’ve been putting off for about a year…

Blog Pictures 075

Blog Pictures 073

After breakfast, we prepared all the goodies for lunch at my pop pop’s with the family! So happy that I could be with all three brothers, my only sister (in law), both parents, z, Louis, AND my almost 91-year old Pop Pop!

Amanda, Pop Pop and I!

Blog Pictures 027

Jah, Shawn, JayBird, and Pop Pop!

Blog Pictures 036

Blog Pictures 017Blog Pictures 021

Jah grilling wings!Blog Pictures 014

Blog Pictures 015

Time to eat!

Mom made these amazing mini zucchini loaves with zucchini from her garden! They were so tasty!

Blog Pictures 001

The spread!

Blog Pictures 002

Fruit salad: fresh apricots, blueberries, and strawberries!

Blog Pictures 004

Grilled beef, turkey, and bison  burgers, fresh veggies, and Jah’s famous wings!

Blog Pictures 020

Caprese pasta salad with basil from our garden and balsamic syrup!

Blog Pictures 010

My birthday plate!

Blog Pictures 024

Birthday swag!

Blog Pictures 018

Look what my mom got me…

Blog Pictures 076

…heck yes! It’s Mama Peas’ book! I dug in to it right away and have to say that in two days I read the whole thing! It is amazing. Congrats to Mama Pea and her beautiful family!


z, Louis and I hung out with Pop Pop for quite a while, listening to tons of awesome stories. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by my amazing family on my birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day!


We were pooped when we got home so we had a beer and z sang “Happy Birthday” to me with a candle in half a Klondike bar!


Perfect day! Have I mentioned how blessed I am??

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