Cinnamon Pinwheel Cookies!

z and I are heading to Pop Pop’s house tomorrow for a little get together. My parents will be there, so will my brothers Jah and Shawn, and my sister in law, Amanda :) I’m excited! My mom and I are bringing food over and I offered to bake cookies, bring pasta salad, fresh bread, and fruit salad. But, let’s get to the important stuff…the cookies!

I baked Cinnamon Pinwheels from Real Simple while listening to some old Backstreet Boys CDs. I recently took all my old CDs from my parents house and put them on my iTunes. I remembered so many lyrics and I haven’t listened to them in years!!! Haha! Moving on…


This is the picture on the Real Simple website:



This is how mine turned out:

Blog Pictures 003Blog Pictures 005

Not too bad, huh? Let’s just hope they taste as good as they look…


Happy Cookie Friday!


p.s. Tomorrow is my birthday Winking smile


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