What To Do With Leftover Grilled Veggies…

We had a ton of leftover veggies Saturday night. They were so delicious we wanted to make sure we didn’t waste any!

First up: Grilled Veggie Pizza


Have I mentioned that I LOVE THE ITALIAN STORE!


Hi friends!


Fresh mozzarella!


Pizza, pizza.


Even after throwing tons of veggies on the pizza, we still had a lot more to use! What’s next? Veggie Fauxsagna!

First things first…you can’t have lasagna fauxsagna without ricotta cheese, right? Well…why don’t we just make some HOMEMADE RICOTTA!?

Gather your whole milk, heavy cream, lemons, salt, and cheese cloth!

Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 006

Add the milk, cream, and salt to a pot and heat it to 190 degrees.

Blog Pictures 007Blog Pictures 008

While it’s heating, line a colander with cheesecloth…

Blog Pictures 009

…and squeeze your lemons!

Blog Pictures 010

Once it reaches 190 degrees, take it off the heat and add your lemon juice. Stir it a few times slowly and let it hang out for about 5 minutes.

Blog Pictures 011

After 5 minutes, slowly pour the mixture into the cheese cloth and wait…

Blog Pictures 012

…and wait

Blog Pictures 013

…and wait for at least an hour!

Blog Pictures 014

While you’re waiting, you can cook some of your pasta! I used this beautiful orecchiette from The Italian Store!

Blog Pictures 019

This is the sauce I used. I love World Market…and I had a birthday coupon!

Blog Pictures 020

Start layering: sauce, veggies, sauce, fresh parsley, pasta, fresh ricotta, veggies, sauce, mozzarella and basil! I baked it at 350 for 30 minutes covered with foil and about 10 minutes uncovered!

2011-08-03 Blog Pictures

Talk about delicious!

Blog Pictures 032

The ricotta was so creamy and the veggies were amazing once they soaked up all the flavors!

Blog Pictures 033

You have to try this recipe! A little labor intensive, but sooo worth it!

Blog Pictures 034

We now have lots of fauxsagna leftovers because it’s very filling!

Happy leftovers to you!


p.s. we used basil from our garden in both recipes! I love being able to go outside and pick a few leaves!

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