Happy Birthday Z!

Monday was not only the first day of August, it was also z’s birthday! This year was a little more low key than last year but we still had fun!

Just like any other Monday, z had to work, so we went to dinner at P. Brennans Irish Pub when he got home!

The birthday boy got Guinness BBQ Ribs! They were huge!Blog Pictures 037

p.s. I love his new shirt! Salt Life!

Blog Pictures 038

I ordered the Irish Boxty off the appetizer menu. It was beautiful and delicious! It was a potato cake topped with smoke salmon, mixed greens, horseradish cream sauce, fried capers and balsamic reduction! So tasty and it was such a nice sized portion!

Blog Pictures 039

A black and tan for the birthday boy!

Blog Pictures 040

When we got home we ate homemade yellow cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting…and sprinkles! They weren’t the best cupcakes I’ve ever made…but all you could taste was the chocolate so I can’t complain!

Blog Pictures 001



Happy Birthday Z! I love you!


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