Get Wild?

This post is not going to be as exciting as the title might suggest and no, it is not a recap of the bachelorette party (that’s best left for the imagination)!

It’s a chicken (and tofu) and rice dinner! I was writing down my grocery list, reminded myself to use the white rice in pantry and then wrote: Get Wild?

As in…purchase additional wild rice? HA! I crack myself up!

Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures picnik

Now you can all see my horrible chicken scratch handwriting!

Both dishes tonight are courtesy of Real Simple…I just love that site!

The first recipe is a Sweet and Spicy Chicken (I’m using the spice rub on tofu too).

Let’s gather the ingredients and get cooking!

Blog Pictures 001

The rub is super simple: olive oil, brown sugar, dried oregano, chili powder, and a little S&P! Mix everything together, coat your chicken and/or tofu and bake at 400 degrees for about 40-45 minutes (we used boneless chicken breasts).

Blog Pictures 002

All done!

Blog Pictures 016


Blog Pictures 015

The second recipe is for Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf With Cranberries. I id end up getting wild rice and didn’t even use the white rice. I put the rice on before anything else because it needed an hour to cook! While it cooked I chopped up the rest of the ingredients…

Blog Pictures 003

Shitake mushrooms, dried cranberries, and onions!

Blog Pictures 006

A little white wine and tarragon too…

Blog Pictures 007

It smelled so good!

Blog Pictures 008

Oh hello! I have a precious little helper!

Blog Pictures 009

Time to break for a dance party in the living room!

Blog Pictures 010

Ok, I’m done…

Blog Pictures 013

After the rice finished cooking, I drained the water and added the cranberries so they could plump up, then added the mushroom mixture.

Blog Pictures 018

Time to eat!

Blog Pictures 019

Baked tofu, wild rice, and salad!!

Blog Pictures 020

z’s plate had chicken instead of tofu!

Blog Pictures 021Blog Pictures 022

Everything was super flavorful and a little different than what we typically make. Yum!! I have been so hungry the last few days.


z and I have been getting up every three hours or so with the pup and getting up for the day before 7. Yawn…


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