Meet Louis!

As I type this, there is a pup sleeping at my feet! A what? A pup!

z and I drove to West Virginia yesterday afternoon to pick up our new 3-month old Goldendoodle puppy!

His name is Louis (loo-ee) – you know, like Louis Armstrong?? ;)


z and I had been thinking about getting a pup for a while and finally found the right breeder!

FUN FACT: z grew up with Golden Retrievers (his parents have one now and so does his sister!) and my parents have had a poodle (Zeus!) for over 10 years, so I practically grew up with him!

Golden Retriever + Poodle = Goldendoodle!

Blog Pictures 078

He loves his yellow BOBO!

Louis! 007Louis! 010

Isn’t he cute!?

Louis! 011Louis! 013

The first night was tough because we’re crate training him and he cried (loudly)! I feel bad for our neighbors, but we tried to warn them… :)

So far, so good…

I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of the pup in the future!!


3 thoughts on “Meet Louis!

  1. Crate training is a smart idea. Zeus would cry and I gave in. Most crated dogs just love their own special place.
    He is quite cute. Hope things go smoothly as you train each other.
    Love you. MOM

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