Home Grown Cilantro…

and homemade corn tortillas!

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 004

We had all the makings for guacamole, so Mexican for dinner it was!

Blog Pictures 002

Chopping away (in a North Face, in the Summer)!

Blog Pictures 005

Onions, green peppers, and poblano peppers sautéing away!

Blog Pictures 006

Holy avocados, Batman!

Blog Pictures 008Blog Pictures 009

We finally get to use our cilantro! How exciting! Blog Pictures 013

I rolled out each ball of the corn mixture and pressed them flat with wax paper then put them in a dry sauté pan to brown.

Blog Pictures 014

They were more like corn pancakes, but hey, it was my first try…Blog Pictures 016

z browned some local, grass-fed beef that we got a the farmer’s market.

Blog Pictures 020


Blog Pictures 021

My plate: corn “tortillas,” veggies, guacamole, and Trader Joe’s corn salsa!

Blog Pictures 023

z’s plate: same as my plate with beef instead of corn salsa!

Blog Pictures 024

The cilantro really stood out in the guacamole! It’s so exciting to eat the herbs fruits of your labor!


Saturday morning we woke up early to catch a bus to NY! z was visiting a friend, and I was heading to Nelly’s bachelorette party! More on that…later!


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