Summer Seafood Skewers!

I had a great Friday! I started my day with a milk delivery from South Mountain Creamery!

Blog Pictures 001Blog Pictures 002Blog Pictures 003

I got two cups of yogurt this time and it is tasty (the ingredient list rocks my world).

Blog Pictures 004

Look at my new flowers! Miles (and his parents) gave them to me on Thursday and they are a great morning-brightener!

Blog Pictures 005Blog Pictures 006

Speaking of flowers, we have two new Gerber daisies that bloomed!

Blog Pictures 017


Blog Pictures 018Blog Pictures 019

Garden update:

We have spearmint…

Blog Pictures 020

We have rosemary…

Blog Pictures 021

We (kind of) have radishes that are getting attacked by worms…

Blog Pictures 022

We have jalapenos…

Blog Pictures 023

After checking out my garden I headed to our BRAND NEW GIANT!!! We are soooo beyond excited to have a grocery store within walking distance! It is a beautiful store and was well worth the wait!


After making dinner rolls I headed to the pool!


Now, on to our Friday Night Date Dinner!

On the menu:

Summer Seafood Skewers with Marinated Zucchini and Onion Salad!

I started with the salad using a recipe from Real Simple!

Blog Pictures 015Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures 024

Blog Pictures 026

I salted the thinly sliced zucchini so they could drain before I rinsed and dried them.

Blog Pictures 027

After finishing the zucchini ,  I started thinly slicing the red onion!

Blog Pictures 033

Moving on to the seafood prep…

Blog Pictures 037

I cubed the swordfish and tuna and took off the shrimp shells!

Blog Pictures 038

Skewers – assembled!

Blog Pictures 041

This is a mixture of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, freshly chopped garlic and S&P that we brushed over the skewers.

Blog Pictures 042

After they were brushed, they went on the grill one-by-one…


Perfectly cooked!

Blog Pictures 054

Time to eat…at 8:45pm! Hehe :)

Blog Pictures 056Blog Pictures 057Blog Pictures 058Blog Pictures 059Blog Pictures 060Blog Pictures 061Blog Pictures 062

I love grilling.

I love seafood.

I love my boyfriend.

I love the summer.

I love grilling seafood with my boyfriend in the summer.

The end.

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