Local Leche!

This morning, just before 8am, I saw a funky, cow-spotted truck pull up in front of our house…


It was our first milk delivery from South Mountain Creamery!

Blog Pictures 002

To start off, we ordered a half gallon of 2% milk (for z) and a quart of nonfat milk (for me)!

Blog Pictures 003Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 005

Things I like about South Mountain Creamery:

  • Glass bottles: The milk tastes much better and they reuse them!
  • Local company: They are located in Maryland, less than 60 miles from us and do deliveries all over the DC Metro area!
  • They are committed to sustainability!
  • They offer a TON of yummy products (including cheese and ice cream)!
  • No growth hormones!
  • They are open about their farming techniques and commitments to green energy.
  • From their website:

We do not use pesticides on our fields. We give our cows free choice feeding. This means they have a feed bunk in the barn that has a mixture of corn, hays, soybeans, and minerals that they can eat from. They also have access to pastures where they can graze at will. What the cows are fed here, was grown here! We also work closely with local soil conversation groups to preserve the soil and prevent soil erosion. We have many projects that we are working on regarding green energy such as a methane digester (converting cow manure to electricity) and bio-diesel (converting soybeans to fuel)!

I’m so excited to support this company and try a lot more new products!


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