On The Menu: Mexi-Lasagna!

Yesterday I decided to be a nice girlfriend and make z a dinner that he could just put in the oven when got home!

On the menu: Mexi-Lasagna! I had originally thought about making enchiladas but decided it might be too time consuming for my busy schedule (aka homework and swimming laps).

First step: Poach chicken – this is the easiest way for me to make chicken. It’s very hands off and apparently the chicken is always cooked properly!

Blog Pictures 016

Next step: Sauté the farmer’s market onions with olive oil and spices.

Blog Pictures 015

Next step: Drain and rinse a can of black beans.

Blog Pictures 017

Next step: Open a can of diced green chiles.

Blog Pictures 019

Next step: Combine the above ingredients.

Blog Pictures 025

Blog Pictures 027

Next step: Open a can of red enchilada sauce and pour some in the bottom of your baking dish.

Blog Pictures 021

The fun step: Start layering!

Sauce, tortilla, chicken, black bean mixture, more sauce, cheese, repeat!

Blog Pictures 028

I covered the final dish and put it in the fridge with instructions for z!

Blog Pictures 035Blog Pictures 036

I got a text in class from z saying that it was pretty delicious! When I got home, he surprised me by telling me he had taken pictures of the final product! He sure knows the way into a food bloggers heart…

Blog Pictures 029Blog Pictures 030Blog Pictures 031Blog Pictures 032Blog Pictures 033Blog Pictures 034


Because I had to pick up ingredients for the “lasagna” I also grabbed a few other things…

Blog Pictures 023

…like LOTS of seltzer water. I’m addicted.

Blog Pictures 024

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Check out this awesome deal I found while at the store:


$12.05 for a mixed Blue Moon 12-pack! A regular 12-pack is $17.99 (as you can see on the left). SCORE!

**The title of this next section is “Random Dinners I Forgot to Post”**

z made spaghetti and salad last Tuesday and we ate it while watching The Kings Speech (LOVED IT!).Blog Pictures 002Blog Pictures 003Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 005

Earlier this week we made roasted green beans and onions from z’s market trip!

Blog Pictures 006

Blog Pictures 007

z had steak strips!

Blog Pictures 008Blog Pictures 009

I had a spicy chk’n patty.

Blog Pictures 010Blog Pictures 011Blog Pictures 012

I like that we can eat dinner together during the week! It’s really nice! p.s. look at my daisies! Thanks z <3

Blog Pictures 014

The end.

This was a long post with too many pictures.

Now I gotta go do something with my day…like go to Borders. ;)


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