Heidi’s Final Fling Before the Ring!

This past weekend was hpants’ bachelorette party in Ocean City! A couple of us headed to hpants’ hometown on Friday so that we would be closer to OC and could just get up and go on Saturday morning. We headed out around 9am after breakfast!

Hpants scored us a great condo on the beach that had a full kitchen AND room for all 7 girls!

The Bride-to-Be!

Blog Pictures 005


Blog Pictures 007

Water, soda, lemonade, wine, coconut water, and SKINNY GIRL MARGARITAS!

Blog Pictures 008

Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka! YUM!

Blog Pictures 009

Off to the beach!!

Blog Pictures 010

We got chased away by some rain on the beach and came back in for cocktails!

Blog Pictures 012

Ready for dinner!

Blog Pictures 013

Yokozuna Sushi!

Blog Pictures 014

To kick off the night, we started with a couple of sake bombs!

Blog Pictures 019

Hey ladies…

Blog Pictures 024

Our cruise ship of sushi!

Blog Pictures 027

Wow. Should we be proud or embarrassed? Ha…

Blog Pictures 033

After dinner (and more drinks) the dance party started…

Blog Pictures 041

Things got a little crazy. This picture was taken after L was popcorned on the air mattress and promptly dropped on the floor. No one was injured…yet.

Blog Pictures 045

After playing with the mattress, we had a flag fashion show.

Blog Pictures 054Blog Pictures 056Blog Pictures 057

Then came my injury…I sliced my finger on a razor and it was really bleeding. Good thing I had a real nurse and a helpful “nurse-in-training.” I look happy in the picture…but it hurt and I almost passed out. Moving on…

Blog Pictures 036

After the blood had stopped and the bottle of sweet tea vodka was crushed, we headed out to hop on the OC Bus!

Blog Pictures 061

Me and the Bride!

Blog Pictures 064

First stop: Fager’s Island — Horns. Dancing. Scavenger Hunt.

Blog Pictures 065

I love this picture! She’s dancing on stage with the band!

Blog Pictures 067

I promise this is not real. It was part of the hunt!

Blog Pictures 077

We completed the scavenger hunt and hpants got a tshirt and other goodies!

Blog Pictures 074

A nice guy told us he would give us a ride on his golf cart and we thought he was taking us to the next bar…but really he dropped us off at the end of the street. Oh well, it was still fun!

Blog Pictures 080Blog Pictures 081

Daniel, our driver!

Blog Pictures 082

Off to Macky’s…

Blog Pictures 083

Oh what a night!

Blog Pictures 085

A lot happened between leaving Macky’s and getting home. That’s what I’ll say. We got home around 3:15am and were asleep by 4am. The next morning came a little too early but we were all troopers and headed to the beach!


After a few girls left, we packed up and headed to Big Pecker’s for lunch! Yum!


We had such a fun weekend celebrating with hpants! Less than a month until the wedding!! Yay!


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