School Night Dinner!

This summer I am taking two classes (Ethics and Family Therapy) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 8 weeks!

I love the degree that I am currently pursuing, but I don’t always love going to school. You can understand that, right?

Tonight, I have class from 7-10pm which falls right in the middle of dinner time! I have gotten in to the good habit of packing my dinners for school. I am so thankful we have a refrigerator! Usually I pack leftovers or something easy, but tonight I’m really excited about my dinner…

Blog Pictures 023

Mixed greens with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and goat cheese! So colorful!

Blog Pictures 024

I also packed some raspberry vinaigrette on the side. I got this dressing for free using a Safeway coupon and it has all natural ingredients! I <3 store brands.

Blog Pictures 025

Salad, dressing, blueberry YoBaby, and a dark chocolate cherry 7-grain granola bar!

Blog Pictures 026

All packed up in my Whole Foods lunch bag with a dorky carabineer so I can hook it to my backpack. Nerd alert!

Blog Pictures 028

I have to finish my reading and workout before class! Gotta run!


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