Memorial Day Weekend!

I missed my Farmer’s Market! They finally have their veggies back :)

Blog Pictures 008Blog Pictures 009

Look at my onion!

Blog Pictures 010


Blog Pictures 011Blog Pictures 012

Fresh farmer’s market produce means…fresh salads for dinner!

Blog Pictures 013Blog Pictures 016Blog Pictures 017

z grilled some burgers and I heated up a veggie patty!

Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 020

We dined al fresco on our new bistro table! Isn’t it cute!?

Blog Pictures 022

Beer and burgers. Life is good.

Blog Pictures 023Blog Pictures 026

On Memorial Day we did a lot of planting and weeding outside!

Blog Pictures 027

Hm, scissors, sharpie, and an old brownie box? What are these for?

Blog Pictures 034

Homemade plant markers!!

Blog Pictures 036

I love our new railing planters!

Blog Pictures 037

Organic Basil and Cilantro!

Blog Pictures 038


Blog Pictures 039Blog Pictures 040

Jalapeno Peppers.

Blog Pictures 041

Organic Pink Beauty Radishes (UPDATE: They started coming up already!).

Blog Pictures 042

Our pretty flowers!!!

Blog Pictures 043

We have a garden! Hooray!


Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those that have served, currently serve, and will serve our wonderful country :)

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