Amelia Island–Day Six

z got up to run most mornings on our vacation. I usually waited for him to eat breakfast, but not today! Coffee and a yogurt creation.

Amelia Island - May 2011 215

Greek yogurt, granola, blueberries, and a banana!

Amelia Island - May 2011 216

Once again I go from breakfast to dinner, but it was all to protect our new baby camera! We had another great day at the beach. I still can’t believe how great the weather was EVERY DAY!

Dinner found us at Sliders Seaside Grill. The first dinner I ever had in Fernandina was here with z and his parents! We also came here when we were down in September!

Amelia Island - May 2011 217

We ordered two SweetWater beers that were cold and refreshing!

Amelia Island - May 2011 218

We were  really hungry so we decided to order an appetizer of chips and salsa. I think we filled up on chips too much…

Amelia Island - May 2011 220

I ordered grilled grouper with steamed veggies and a baked potato.

Amelia Island - May 2011 221

Perfectly cooked fish.

Amelia Island - May 2011 222

z got the all-you-can-eat  fried shrimp that came with french fries and coleslaw!

Amelia Island - May 2011 223

Hey! Weird facial expression.

Amelia Island - May 2011 224

Round Two…or should I say Round “BIG MISTAKE”

Amelia Island - May 2011 225

z ate all the shrimp and I took some of my dinner home.

Amelia Island - May 2011 227

Beachfront dinner!

Amelia Island - May 2011 228

We were both uncomfortably stuffed. I even got a belly rub to soothe my pain.


Bear with me…the updates are almost over Winking smile We’ll be back to some regular posts soon!


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