Amelia Island–Day Seven

Hello breakfast.

Amelia Island - May 2011 230

Hello his and hers coffee mugs…mine was the blue one Winking smile

Amelia Island - May 2011 231

Hello amazing cantaloupe.

Amelia Island - May 2011 232

z and I are beach bums. We literally sit at the beach all day. Reading, playing, walking, snoozing (or maybe that’s just me), sunning, etc. If it wasn’t for multiple applications of SPF 30, we’d be red lobsters!

On the recommendation of some friends, z and I tried out España for dinner!

Amelia Island - May 2011 235

I was feeling a little funny on the ride over because I’m still taking my anti-malarial pills from my trip to Rwanda and I think my stomach was too empty.

Thank God for free bread! Hot, fresh, and pre-sliced for my convenience!

Amelia Island - May 2011 237

Sangria is a must at a Spanish restaurant.

Amelia Island - May 2011 238

We each ordered garden salads to start. This was my ideal salad: romaine hearts, greens, tomatoes, onions, hearts of palm and olives dressed in homemade balsamic vinaigrette! So good!

Amelia Island - May 2011 240

Then came the star of the evening: Seafood Paella for two! It was gorgeous!

Amelia Island - May 2011 242

Clams, shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari and fresh fish!

Amelia Island - May 2011 243Amelia Island - May 2011 244

Everything was perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked and super tasty!

Amelia Island - May 2011 245

The paella didn’t stand a chance. z was literally scraping the pan to make sure he got everything out!

Amelia Island - May 2011 246

After our amazing dinner we took a walk around town! I met up with a shrimp and we had a lovely conversation! I really just wanted to show off my new wedges! Cute and comfy!

Amelia Island - May 2011 250

We sat at the pier for a while watching people and clouds. The paper mill looked so cool:

Amelia Island - May 2011 253

Long ago I had a weird obsession with Paella. I was vegan at the time…which makes no sense but I was still so intrigued by it. I’m so glad we had a good experience with it tonight! Thanks España!


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