Amelia Island–Day Four

Day four was a beach day of course. Another beautiful day with lots of sunshine!! I guess I didn’t take any pictures before dinner, because here were are…at The Crab Trap!

Amelia Island - May 2011 174

I was really craving some raw oysters so we ordered a dozen to share!

Amelia Island - May 2011 176Amelia Island - May 2011 177

Horseradish and hot sauce! Light me up!

Amelia Island - May 2011 178

Wooden plates. Hole in the middle of the table. It was a beer kind of place!

Amelia Island - May 2011 179

Oh me, oh my…blackened scallops, rice, coleslaw, sweet potato, and hush puppies. Are you kidding me?

Amelia Island - May 2011 180

So much food.

Amelia Island - May 2011 181

z got blackened shrimp and mahi with the same accoutrements!

Amelia Island - May 2011 182Amelia Island - May 2011 183

We did a pretty good job! The scallops were amazing. AMAZING.

Amelia Island - May 2011 184

We were seriously stuffed and needed a long walk around town. Somehow we found some room in our bellies when we walked by Fernandina’s Fantastic Fudge!

Amelia Island - May 2011 185

I got chocolate espresso on a cone and z got chocolate fudge! Yum.

Amelia Island - May 2011 186

Seafood and ice cream. So vacation-like! I love it.


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