Amelia Island–Day Five

z pulled out the crab hat this morning. Uh oh, someone is crabby. That someone was me. The night before I had agreed to get up with z to go play tennis before it got too hot outside. This meant…no breakfast or COFFEE. He kept his distance…

Amelia Island - May 2011 187

I cheered up a bit when we got to the courts. It wasn’t too hot and we packed ice water! We ended up playing for an hour and got a few good games in. By good I mean…I hit the ball over the net a lot but z won most of the games. We had a good time but it started getting hot and I didn’t want to put the crab hat back on!

Time for breakfast (finally)! We headed downtown to Amelia Island Coffee!

Amelia Island - May 2011 188

Iced coffee and a blueberry scone.

Amelia Island - May 2011 189Amelia Island - May 2011 190

z got hot coffee, OJ and a cinnamon bun!

Amelia Island - May 2011 191

After breakfast it was…you guessed it: BEACH TIME!! We spent the rest of the day reading, swimming, and sunbathing! I finished two books: Heart of the Matter (meh…) and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (LOVED IT!!!!).

After the beach we decided to cook at home again! But first – Cocktails.

Amelia Island - May 2011 192

Fresh squeezed OJ.

Amelia Island - May 2011 193

Look how old that cocktail book is!

Amelia Island - May 2011 194

Amelia Island - May 2011 198

Hurricane Evacuation Plan: 1. Grab Beer 2. Run Like Hell (not funny, but funny).

Amelia Island - May 2011 195

Chilled glasses.

Amelia Island - May 2011 196

The special ingredient for my Dirty, Dirty Martini.

Amelia Island - May 2011 197

Rum Punch and a Dirty, Dirty Martini. Hey Mr. Crab…

Amelia Island - May 2011 200

Tonight: Swordfish Steaks with Old Bay

Amelia Island - May 2011 201Amelia Island - May 2011 204

Beer, Grill, Football. I didn’t belong out there…

Amelia Island - May 2011 208Amelia Island - May 2011 209

Out on the porch! It would be a crime to eat inside…so we never didSmile

Amelia Island - May 2011 210Amelia Island - May 2011 211

Fresh salad!

Amelia Island - May 2011 213

z gets all the credit for this beautiful presentation! How lovely.

Amelia Island - May 2011 212

So delicious. I’m getting pretty spoiled here…


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