Amelia Island–Day Eight/Nine and Goodbyes

Friday morning we took a bike ride to Starbucks for breakfast. We took a total of three bike rides during our vacation. I love riding bikes (even if it hurts my bum)!

Iced coffees all around! Hot Coffee + Hot Weather = No Bueno.

Amelia Island - May 2011 256

We attempted to go to the beach after breakfast but some rain and thunder chased us away! This was the only bad weather we had the whole week. It was probably for the best anyway since we’d gotten so much sun and z’s parents were coming in to town! When they had both arrived we had a pre-dinner cocktail at home and then headed downtown to Kelley’s Courtyard Café.

Amelia Island - May 2011 257

For starters, z and his mom got the Allie’s Salad that had baby spinach, green apples, golden raisins and honey toasted almonds in a poppy seed vinaigrette.

Amelia Island - May 2011 258

z’s dad got the All American salad with mixed lettuces, sliced tomatoes, bacon bits, mushrooms and cheddar cheese.

Amelia Island - May 2011 259

I didn’t get an appetizer salad because I was getting a salad as a meal! Allie’s Salad with blackened mahi!

Amelia Island - May 2011 260

z’s dad got the special which was fish fried flounder with jalapeno collard greens, coleslaw, and stone ground cheddar grits!

Amelia Island - May 2011 261

z’s mom got the special BBQ shrimp!

Amelia Island - May 2011 262

z ordered tortilla crusted mahi with black beans, rice, and mango salsa!

Amelia Island - May 2011 263

Another thank you to z’s parents for a lovely meal! After dinner we headed to Dog Star Tavern again for some post-dinner entertainment! There was a great band that had us dancing :)

Saturday morning was a sad day! Time to leave…

We headed to the beach one last time with camera in tow this time.

Here is our secret path to get to the beach…

Amelia Island - May 2011 265Amelia Island - May 2011 267

Coffee at the beach!

Amelia Island - May 2011 270Amelia Island - May 2011 271Amelia Island - May 2011 277

Amelia Island - May 2011 282

Amelia Island - May 2011 283Amelia Island - May 2011 285Amelia Island - May 2011 297Amelia Island - May 2011 302Amelia Island - May 2011 303

So long Amelia Island! Until next time…

We got on the road around 11am. We stopped at Subway for lunch and then Moe’s for dinner!

Amelia Island - May 2011 306

Tofu bowl with lots of veggies and salsas!

Amelia Island - May 2011 307

On the road again… Amelia Island - May 2011 309

We encountered a beautiful sunset that welcomed us back to Virginia!

Amelia Island - May 2011 311

We got home around 10:30 and went straight to bed! LONG DRIVE!


Oh, what a great vacation! It was so nice to relax for a whole week before returning to school!

Me encanta la playa!


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