Apple Star.

We’re leaving for Florida on Friday and have tons of apples in the fridge! What to do? Attempt to make apple pie.

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002Blog Pictures 003Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 007Blog Pictures 011

This is where things went a bit wrong. I ran out of flour! The dough was way too sticky but I chilled it anyway…

Blog Pictures 013Blog Pictures 016Blog Pictures 017Blog Pictures 018Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 020

When you run out of flour…you can’t flour your hands, rolling pin, or surface. Ugh.

Blog Pictures 030

Blog Pictures 029

I ended up pressing the “dough” into the bottom of the pan and using the rest of it to make…a star?

Blog Pictures 024Blog Pictures 026Blog Pictures 027

What a mess…

Blog Pictures 028Blog Pictures 031Blog Pictures 033Blog Pictures 034 

Notice anything different about these pictures? How about the fact that they’re actually decent??


Nikon D3100 a.k.a. my new baby! I love it!


Off to Florida for a week! Hopefully I’ll be back with a nice tan and some good pictures!

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