A Perfect Day, Almost.

Oh Wednesday, how I loved you yesterday!

It was a gorgeous spring day with sunshine and warmth! I got a lot of school work done including my final Diversity paper! I got an email earlier that said class was cancelled! I was super excited so I texted z “My paper is done and my class is cancelled! Want to grill tonight?” He was definitely on board! I ran a couple of errands to get things for Rwanda, deposit a check and then went to the store to grab some veggies for dinner.

When I got home from the store, z was home and we both agreed that we wanted to go on runs. I put on a tank top, tied my shoes, mourned the battery loss of my iPod, procrastinated more by talking to z…and then I finally set out for a jog! z taught me this new loop that I really like. It’s almost 3 miles which is good for me since I’m just getting back to working out after being sick for a couple weeks!

It was HOT! I came home, grabbed my water bottle (I love these bottles) and set on the front stoop.

Blog Pictures 006

New shoes! I love Asics!Blog Pictures 007Blog Pictures 008

z and I took turns showering and getting things ready for dinner. I was in charge of the veggies. Asparagus and red onion with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper!

Blog Pictures 009

z brought me home a treat the other night and I felt celebratory, so I cracked this bad boy open:

Blog Pictures 010

Yes, banana bread beer. Yes, it tasted like bananas. Yes, I loved it.

Blog Pictures 011

z stuck with a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA. It’s new to us and was really good, but really hoppy. z loves the hops!

Blog Pictures 012

Veggie time.

Blog Pictures 013Blog Pictures 014

Main event: SALMON!

Blog Pictures 022

Sustainable seafood.

Blog Pictures 023

Ingredients: Salmon.

Blog Pictures 024

z used a Chinese-style spice mixture recipe he found in the America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook. It had Chinese five spice powder, cayenne, sugar, salt, and pepper. After a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice, they were ready to go!

Blog Pictures 015Blog Pictures 016

After z flipped them I got to squirt some lemon juice on them!

Blog Pictures 017

Time to eat!

Blog Pictures 020

How beautiful does this plate look?

Blog Pictures 021

Oh boy! The salmon and veggies were so good! The star anise in the five-spice powder was so unique, the cayenne gave just enough kick, and the fresh lemon really balanced it out. Of course the veggies were awesome too! You can’t go wrong with grilled vegetables!

After dinner we cleaned up and turned on the tv. Of course nothing was on and we got roped in to watching the worst/weirdest movie on public television. It was SO bad, but we couldn’t look away. I guess this is why my day was only almost perfect…


Cheers to Spring Smile


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