Weekend Dinners at Home!

z and I usually go out one weekend night a week and the other nights we love to cook in!

Saturday was a gross day! It was gray, windy, and rainy from the time we woke up until the time we went to bed.

I didn’t leave the house all day and decided that I needed some sort of project to do. z suggested I make the box of pudding that had been in the cabinet for a while…

Blog Pictures 001

The recipe called for 3 cups of milk and since z drinks so much, I decided to use 2 1/2 cups of my skim milk and only a half cup of his 2%.

Blog Pictures 003

Now, read very carefully! This is a difficult and intense process:

The milk goes in the pot first.

Blog Pictures 004

The packed of JELL-O goes in to the pot second.

Blog Pictures 005

Then you whisk away.

Blog Pictures 006Blog Pictures 007Blog Pictures 008

After some good stirring, the mixture should look like this! You have to keep stirring the whole time until it boils because it starts to thicken.

Blog Pictures 009

After it comes to a full boil, put it in serving containers and stick it in the fridge. Still with me?

Blog Pictures 010

Then prepare an “appetizer” of carrots with balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper for your boyfriend who is making dinner and wait for the pudding to set.

Blog Pictures 011

I was off dinner duty Saturday night, so this is how I spent my time…

Blog Pictures 014

z grilled baby peppers in foil packet along with some NY Strip steaks.

Blog Pictures 015Blog Pictures 016

He also baked some potatoes (rubbed in butter) in the oven.

Blog Pictures 018


Blog Pictures 019

After dinner we watched some tv while we monitored the weather. We wanted to go get whipped cream from CVS but it was POURING. z spotted a 10 minute break in the rain and we got moving!


Side note: It was kind of hilarious walking in to CVS at 10pm and walking out with only whipped cream. I definitely think the kid ringing us got a chuckle out of it. I know I did…Now before your minds go to the gutters…

Blog Pictures 020

…this was the purpose of the whipped cream! A pudding topper!

Blog Pictures 023

Oh my, my, my! This was amazing! So simple and so delicious!

Blog Pictures 026

Enough about whipped cream. Moving on to Sunday!

z got up for a long run and I went to a church down in Franconia to check out the ASL interpretation.

It was such a gorgeous day so z and I brought our lunches out back and ate while we basked in the sun! After lunch I went for a two-mile run…my first exercise since the Cherry Blossom run thanks to my stupid lungs. I took it easy, but (knock on wood) it felt good! After some water and stretching I headed back out the door to get a noise machine (for sleeping!) and some groceries!


Blog Pictures 027

Trader Giotto’s! Ha! Why is Trader Joe’s so adorable? I love that place.

Blog Pictures 028

Marinara sauce with fresh basil, black pepper, dried oregano, dried tarragon, and red chili flakes!

Blog Pictures 029

Veggies for the salad (minus the carrots because we didn’t need them)!

Blog Pictures 030

Fresh mozzarella! Smooth and milk. MM!

Blog Pictures 031

Rigatoni. I love how cheap easy dried pasta is!

Blog Pictures 032

Delicious pasta toppings.

Blog Pictures 033

Time to eat!

Blog Pictures 034Blog Pictures 035Blog Pictures 036

Productive day. Deliciously simply dinner. Great weekend.


Time to start another week!



7 days until Easter with z and the family.

17 days until the end of the semester.

18 days until I leave for Rwanda.


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