Hello, Mr. Easter Bunny!

Friday was a gorgeous day. The sun was out and Spring was in full effect!

I met up with my buddy Gabe for lunch at Thaiphoon in Pentagon City:

Blog Pictures 001Blog Pictures 002

Hi Gabe!

Blog Pictures 003

We started with these shrimp, crab and veggie rolls! They were crispy and greasy and filled with lots of crab!

Blog Pictures 005

Gabe ordered the Chicken Fried Rice and I ordered the Ka Pow Jae with steamed tofu instead of fried!

Blog Pictures 006

My dish had three peppers next to it indicating that it was the spiciest!! Yay!

Blog Pictures 007

After lunch we walked around the mall and met up with a new friend…

…THE EASTER BUNNY! I didn’t even have to convince Gabe, he was totally on board with getting our picture taken! I insisted on holding the giant PEEP! RIDICULOUS! I love it.

Blog Pictures 018

When I got home from dropping Gabe off, I saw that z was home!!! Poor guy was exhausted because a certain girlfriend of his has been up coughing the entire week. Oops… Because it was so nice out, we decided to put on our new shoes and take a long walk! It was beautiful and I got to explore a lot of new places in my neighborhood! We had a Corona on the back deck while listening to Joyful Noise by Derek Trucks so we could work up an appetite for dinner!

We finally made it to Maruko for dinner which is the Japanese restaurant up the street!

We both started off with a small bowl of hot, comforting miso soup!

Blog Pictures 008

I ordered seaweed salad because it had been a while and I love the stuff!

Blog Pictures 011

I also ordered a tuna roll!

Blog Pictures 012

z ordered a sashimi plate as an appetizer. It had salmon, tuna and whitefish. The plate was beautiful and the piece of salmon I had was perfect!

Blog Pictures 013

For his meal, z ordered the chicken teriyaki entrée with shrimp and vegetable tempura. It was huge and I got to try a piece of broccoli, mushroom and shrimp tempura!

Blog Pictures 015

We were stuffed when we walked out! The service was interesting, but the food was great! I know we’ll be back, or at least add them to our list of take out places!! YUM!


We got home and watched Hotel Rwanda in preparation for my trip there at the end of this month. I tried to put on my counseling hat and work on my empathy over sympathy, but ended up doing a good amount of crying. It was a great movie but I realized why I had put it off for so long. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you do so. It is a moving story about a sliver of hope amongst chaos, death, and destruction.


Have a great weekend!


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