Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues!

Last Sunday I had a Student Association get together at Daily Grill in DC. We hung out, talked some business and had drinks. I couldn’t stay long because I had another event to go to…

Blog Pictures 003

Buddy Guy at The Birchmere with RG and z!

Blog Pictures 005

While I was en route to the venue, z texted me to tell me the power had gone out! Good thing they were still serving beer!

A little after I got there the power came back on and we ordered dinner.

z ordered country fried steak with green beans, mashed potatoes and a biscuit!

Blog Pictures 006

RG ordered fish with a shrimp creole sauce that was served over rice and asparagus!

Blog Pictures 007

I ordered the fish tacos which were HUGE! They came with rice, beans, salsa and a mango slaw!

Blog Pictures 008

TIME TO ROCK! See the white hat?? That’s Buddy Guy!

Blog Pictures 009

He always plays with a wireless guitar and comes out to the crowd! He walked right in front of us! It was sooo awesome!

Blog Pictures 010Blog Pictures 012Blog Pictures 013

Just to throw some randomness into the mix…here are some “chef” salads we made the other night. It was z’s idea and they were awesome!

Blog Pictures 014

We had mixed greens, carrots, corn, mushrooms, and onions. z topped his with leftover roasted turkey and I topped mine with the chickpea patties I made the other day!

Blog Pictures 015

Fresh and delicious!

Blog Pictures 016

Sorry I’m so behind on posts! My asthma was really acting up this week and I found myself at the ER on Tuesday night. I’m thankful a stubborn and supportive boyfriend who forced me to go. It was pretty necessary…


Anyway, I’m on the mend and hope to be back to normal soon! CHEERS!


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