Dreary But Not Dreadful.

This weekend has been dreary! Damp, cold, and gray!

On Friday it rained off and on so we z and I ordered pizza and made a salad.

Saturday morning I slept in and had a late breakfast. Even though it was gross outside I wanted to get out of the house. z suggested we go to Hains Point for a long walk. It was chilly but we saw a lot of ducks!

Blog Pictures 004Blog Pictures 005Blog Pictures 006

After our walk we stopped by the store to grab some supplies for dinner. I ate some lunch, did some yoga, vacuumed the house and finally got in the shower around a little before 7.

z had the table all set when I got downstairs!

Blog Pictures 009

Aren’t my tulips beautiful? SG brought them over for me on Thursday!

Blog Pictures 010

I chose the wine for night: Tilia – Cabernet Sauvignon. My little brother gave it to me for Christmas!

Blog Pictures 011

The main event: Tuna Steaks with Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce!

Blog Pictures 016Blog Pictures 017Blog Pictures 018

Butter Kitty.

Blog Pictures 019

I let the grill master do his thing…

Blog Pictures 020Blog Pictures 022Blog Pictures 023Blog Pictures 024

Blog Pictures 025

I made a quick salad with greens, carrots, balsamic vinaigrette and fresh black pepper!

Blog Pictures 026

Almost time to eat…

Blog Pictures 028


Blog Pictures 030

That’s a beautiful bite…

Blog Pictures 031

We had hopes of watching Hotel Rwanda, but when we tried to open it – it was locked! We did self-checkout at the library, but no one told us it had to be unlocked! Ugh…We had to watch bad TV instead!

Blog Pictures 032

When z got back from his long run on Sunday morning, he made pancakes!

Blog Pictures 040Blog Pictures 041

Pancakes with wild Maine blueberry jam and fresh fruit!

Blog Pictures 042Blog Pictures 043

I’d say we made the best of a dreary weekend…

…and it’s not over yet!

Still to come:


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