Blender ≠ Food Processor.

I love Real Simple. Seriously. I get their emails. I read their magazine…and their website is my computers home page! I have made a number of Real Simple recipes and recently came across a new one I wanted to try.

Mediterranean Salad With Chickpea Patties

As with most recipes, I added some ingredients including lemon and basil!

Blog Pictures 033Blog Pictures 034

To wash herbs, I tear them in pieces and wash them in my salad spinner! Works like a charm!

Blog Pictures 035

The recipe calls for a food processor, but I don’t have one so I put all the ingredients into my blender…

Blog Pictures 036Blog Pictures 038

Ugh… blenders do not equal food processors! It took me FOREVER to blend my ingredients. Pulse, scrape, pulse, scrape, get spatula stuck, pulse, scrape, etc.

Blog Pictures 037

Ultimately I ended up with this…

Blog Pictures 039

It looks ok and smells great. I made the mixture and put it in the fridge so I can just make the patties when I need them. Hopefully it was worth the pain… Smile


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