Lil W(h)eezy.

Nope, I’m not talking about this guy…


I’m talking about my stupid asthma that bothered me all weekend! More on that later…

Friday night was DATE NIGHT! z made 9pm reservations at Zentan in DC! The place was super busy! I loved the decorations and the overall feel of the restaurant.

We had one thing on our mind: SUSHI!

Blog Pictures 001

We ordered 4 delicious rolls to split (from top left, clockwise): Snow Roll (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado with kelp seaweed),Typhoon Roll (spicy salmon, mango, tuna, yellowtail, pineapple), Fire Dragon Roll (spicy tuna, barbeque eel, avocado, tobiko), and the Salmon Lover Roll (salmon, avocado, spicy salmon, tobiko)!!!

Blog Pictures 002

Saturday morning I woke up to an annoying cough and decided to just stay awake since I had to meet up with my family at 9 to get my grandmothers house ready to sell. I packed and apple and a granola bar and swung by Rappahannock for coffee! We worked hard until lunch then got Chipotle and headed back to the house to finish up. My mom and I headed to David’s Bridal to try on the bridesmaids dress I’ll be wearing in hpants’ wedding in July! I guess I had forgotten it was wedding season because when I called, they couldn’t see us until 4pm and we were going to arrive around 3pm! What to do!?

My mom decided to stop by Stella’s Bakery to pick up a cake for some family, and since we were there…

… we split a slice of cake! We chose the famous Dark and White Chocolate Mousse Cake (dark chocolate cake, yellow cake, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, and white chocolate ganache)!

Blog Pictures 003


Blog Pictures 004

Behold my mother, the hand/cake model!

Blog Pictures 005

After cake, I tried on the dress, got it ordered and we were out of there in about 15 minutes! I headed home and got ready to go to the G’s for pizza and the Butler/VCU game. My asthma was bothering me all day which is not only annoying, but kind of problematic since I was supposed to be running the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler on Sunday morning with z. Remember that??

Well I ended up waking up in the middle of the night coughing and slept on the couch downstairs. Ugh…what to do!

I knew it wouldn’t be smart to do the 10-mile race, but I was already registered and didn’t want to be a complete loser…so I decided to run the 5k instead. Later I would find out…that wasn’t the best idea either.

We woke up around 5:30am, got dressed, had breakfast and headed to the bus stop. It was chilly outside! Brr. We took the bus to the metro and the metro to Archives where we stayed warm in the station for about 30 minutes. Finally we had to brave the chill and head to the race! The 10-miler started at 7:40 on the dot! I watched z start with the Elite group (I’m so proud!) and then made my way to the portapotties! I met a nice girl in line when I asked about the 5k starting line and we ended up hanging out until the 8:40am starting time.

I didn’t feel that great but was determined to finish without stopping. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the run was beautiful!

I finished in 31:48 which isn’t my best, but given the circumstances, I was proud.

Mile 1: 9:56

Mile 2: 10:17

Mile 3.1: 11:35

Because z is so awesome fast, he was able to cheer for me and watch me cross the finish line! That felt pretty special! I proceeded to have a coughing attack, but water and fresh air helped. We grabbed bananas and headed back to the metro. We got home before 11 and took off our shoes to relax.

Blog Pictures 010

This is how our shoes ended up…in a shoe cuddle! How cute! Not staged either, I promise!

Blog Pictures 012

After quick showers and comfy clothes, z decided to treat me to my first trip to Bob & Edith’s Diner which is right up the street!

Blog Pictures 006

We waited in a decent line and ended up scoring two seats at the counter in front of the action! My favorite!

Blog Pictures 007

I got a mushroom and tomato omelet and it came with home fries and wheat toast!

Blog Pictures 008

z got the blueberry pancakes with a side of sausage! YUM!

Blog Pictures 009

After lunch we took an EPIC two hour nap. It was glorious!

For dinner, z made a pork roast and herb roasted potatoes.

Blog Pictures 014Blog Pictures 016

I ate salad, potatoes and cucumbers with olive hummus!

Blog Pictures 017

z topped his pork with apple sauce and tiny bits of apple. Quite the presentation, huh?

Blog Pictures 019Blog Pictures 020

Lovely dinner, lovely weekend.

I ended up coughing all day and night. I slept on the couch again…and had to go to the doctor on Monday morning.

Verdict: Acute Bronchitis

I had to get a steroid shot in my bum and a breathing treatment before going home. I am now on antibiotics and oral steroids. Is this déjà vu? Wasn’t I just sick? Ugh…

I had to take Monday off work and school and will not be working Tuesday either. I hate my lungs. The end.


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