Cupcake Fail.

Before I get to my big cupcake fail, there are some other pictures I failed to share…

Braised cabbage with onions and carrots:

Blog Pictures 001

z played in the kitchen on Sunday!

Blog Pictures 002

He roasted a whole chicken! AH!

Blog Pictures 004

I ate lunch at Whole Foods.

Blog Pictures 005

Still packing my lunch!Blog Pictures 006

z surprised me on Wednesday night by ordering Thai from Bangkok 54!

Blog Pictures 007

Fresh rolls! Do we love them or what??Blog Pictures 008

Crispy tofu and basil!

Blog Pictures 009


Blog Pictures 010

Ok…on to the baking failure.

We had a bunch of blackberries that I wanted to use, so I pureed them and pushed them through a strainer to get the seeds out. I found this recipe online and tried to follow it…

Blog Pictures 011

Pretty cupcake liners!Blog Pictures 012Blog Pictures 013

Dry ingredients. Blog Pictures 014

Organic eggs.Blog Pictures 015

Here’s where I went wrong…I don’t have a mixer to ‘cream’ the butter and sugar…and I didn’t have enough sugar!

Blog Pictures 016

All wet ingredients together.Blog Pictures 017

The batter was beautiful and I really wanted them to turn out…

Blog Pictures 018

They were really oily and tasted like baking powder. The consistency was gross.

This is what happens when you don’t follow the recipe…OOPS! Baking really is a science!


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