Packed Like a Cart at Costco.

My weekend was PACKED! Packed with good stuff (like a Costco cart!).  Smile 

Friday night was “girl’s night” and I headed up to Mojo’s with my doughnuts, cheese, pita, and a homemade Moroccan carrot dip.

Blog Pictures 003

Blog Pictures 004

On Saturday morning I dropped z off at the train station and headed up North to see hpants!

We decided to go to Sushi Damo for lunch.

Blog Pictures 005

Hot miso soup!

Blog Pictures 006

We decided to split three rolls: the spicy mistletoe, a tuna roll, and a Philadelphia roll (salmon and cream cheese). All three were delicious!

Blog Pictures 008

Dessert? Of course! Fro-yo with toppings!

Blog Pictures 009

Then, to top off our indulgent date, we got pedicures!!

Blog Pictures 010

I got purple!

Blog Pictures 011

Did I mention that hpants was engaged!? Smile Yay!

Blog Pictures 013

After our great date, I headed to my parents house where I saw my mom’s new purchase (I WANT ONE).

Blog Pictures 014

A Vitamix!

Blog Pictures 020

We wasted no time!

Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures 017

Fruit smoothie with cantaloupe, peaches, honeydew melon, banana, and a little ice!

Blog Pictures 021


Blog Pictures 023

Then I got a little over ambitious with the thing…

Blog Pictures 024

Broccoli, kale, carrots, tomatoes, onion and hot sauce…

Blog Pictures 025

Blog Pictures 027

I thought it would be like a V8 drink, but it was way too heavy on the onion! I ended up pouring it into a bowl, heating it up, topping it with hot sauce and eating it like a soup with crackers. Much better!

Blog Pictures 028

Sunday morning I woke up to a quiet house. My phone said 8:10 and I was wondering why my parents weren’t getting up for church. My parents clocks still said 7:10! Oops…hello daylight savings time!! I woke them up and we scrambled around getting ready so we weren’t late. We got coffee and oatmeal on the road and we were actually early for Sunday school and church!

After church we met up with my brothers at Carrabba’s for lunch so we could see my parents off. They’re going to Israel for 2 weeks!

Hi mom and dad!  

Blog Pictures 029

Blog Pictures 030

Hot bread and oil.

Blog Pictures 031

Bruschetta appetizer.

Blog Pictures 032

Margherita pizza appetizer.

Blog Pictures 034

Bird, Jah, and me…take one.

Blog Pictures 035

Take two.

Blog Pictures 036

I filled up on appetizers so I only ordered a salad for my meal. It was good, not great. Eh..

Blog Pictures 037

The fam.

Blog Pictures 038

My parents had sent us all a text last week saying “if you come to lunch, we’ll treat you to a Costco trip.” WHAT? BULK SHOPPING? YES PLEASE!!

So, off to Costco we went! I came prepared with a list and got everything I needed!

Blog Pictures 039

It was hilarious to see the three kids with a cart of their own! We ended up buying things that were easy to split up and share!

Blog Pictures 040

“What was I thinking?”

Blog Pictures 042

Blog Pictures 043

My credit card is on fire!

Blog Pictures 044

“I’m a college kid and I haven’t seen milk  or vegetables in weeks. Hooray!”

Blog Pictures 045

What a fun, fun weekend! I’m so happy to be feeling better!


Thanks for the groceries, Mom and Dad! I  wish you a safe and joyful experience in Israel Smile


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