The Apron is ON!

You know what that means!! It’s time to bake!

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First things first though…caffeine.

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A lovely, cinnamon-topped, skim cappuccino!

Blog Pictures 008

Now on to my baking project: Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts!

Blog Pictures 001

I used this recipe from Oh She Glows for the baked doughnuts. Substitutions: I used skim milk, real butter and a flax egg.

Blog Pictures 009

When I initially went shopping for a donut pan, I could only find this mini bundt pan, but it works perfectly!

Blog Pictures 010

I sprinkled a little of this on top for good measure!

Blog Pictures 011

Ready for the oven!

Blog Pictures 012

Perfectly fluffy!

Blog Pictures 013

For the icing I used this super simple recipe. I ended up quartering the recipe because I didn’t want leftover icing!

Blog Pictures 015

Skim milk, butter, sugar, vanilla extract and cocoa powder!

Blog Pictures 016

All done! Time to dip…

Blog Pictures 017

I’m not an artist or a real baker, but come on…this is one beautiful doughnut!

Blog Pictures 018

Blog Pictures 020

Blog Pictures 023

Look, I made chocolate polka dots a mess!!

Blog Pictures 021

Unfortunately (wink, wink) there was some leftover icing that I was forced to use! So I covered a banana in the icing, topped it with shredded coconut, and put it in the freezer while I folded clothes. After a little while, I pulled them out and the chocolate had set…so I ate them. Smile

Blog Pictures 024

I haven’t tasted a glazed doughnut yet because I’m bringing them to Mojo’s for our girls night! So far our goal of one get together a month is going well (yea, I know it’s only March)!


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