Spring Break for a Day!

We headed out the door around 1pm on Saturday afternoon for my surprise one-day Spring Break vacation! 

Destination: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina

We arrived and checked in just before 3pm.

It was overcast but still managed to be gorgeous! The temperature was 64  so went on a walk to see the resort grounds.

Blog Pictures 003

I loved this tree:

Blog Pictures 004

A view of the hotel from the dock:

Blog Pictures 006

Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 008

Blog Pictures 009


Blog Pictures 013

I thought these animals were real…

Blog Pictures 014

…but they weren’t. Pretty amazing artwork, huh?

Blog Pictures 015

We didn’t have lunch, so we were getting pretty hungry by the end of our walk!

Time to get dolled up for dinner! I stink at taking mirror pictures but this was my first time wearing this dress and I loved it Smile

Blog Pictures 016

We had reservations for 6:45 at The Blue Point Provision Company. We were expecting to walk over but when we got to the lobby, there was a shuttle taking people over! Score!

Drinks first! Dirty vodka martini for me and a Dogfish Head for z!

Blog Pictures 018

Dirty martinis should have three olives. No more, no less!

Blog Pictures 019

We ordered a dozen of the Choptank Oysters (6 salty, 6 sweet) and salads!

Blog Pictures 020

Greek salad!

Blog Pictures 021

Blog Pictures 023

Little corn muffins! So good!

Blog Pictures 025

Because we ordered so much food, I decided to order off the appetizer menu:

MUSSELS! Yum, yum, yum!!!!

Blog Pictures 026

z ordered grilled swordfish that came with mashed potatoes, broccolini, and seaweed salad!

Blog Pictures 028

We had a great meal! We decided to walk back to the hotel for fresh air and to help our tummies digest!

Oh, hello!

Blog Pictures 029

After our walk we sat by the outdoor fire until the wind was too much to handle. We headed straight to the hotel bar!

After looking through the menu for a while I decided on a sweet tea vodka and lemonade drink. z looked very secretive and told me he was going to “try something new.” I thought that was great…until he ordered an Irish Coffee!

Thoughts that immediately ran through my head: Is this a joke? Uh, what were you thinking? Have you ever ordered this drink in your life? Do you know what Irish coffee is?

But, none of that came out of my mouth. I gave a weird look and let the server walk away.

I took one sip of his Irish coffee and you could have lit my breath on fire. SO much whiskey. BARF. My drink on the other hand…was awesome.

Blog Pictures 030

We got the check after the first round, but when the clock told us it was 9pm, we slapped ourselves back to the reality of being young and in love.

Round two please! I was much happier with z’s second choice was much better. A safe gin and tonic for z and a coconut lime vodka cooler for me!

Blog Pictures 031

And because we were going so crazy…we ordered apple cobbler for dessert!

Blog Pictures 033

SO STUFFED. I could hardly walk back to the room! Lights out!

We had a great time and I was so surprised! Seriously, isn’t my boyfriend the sweetest?? <3 <3


Happy Spring Break to me!


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