Gingered Stir-Fry with Shrimp and Snap Peas!

We’ve had the March issue of Food and Wine magazine dog-eared for a while now and I decided Friday was the night to do our Food and Wine Experimentation!

Chosen recipe: Gingered Stir-Fry with Shrimp and Snap Peas

Blog Pictures 005

Blog Pictures 006


Blog Pictures 007

Blog Pictures 008

Soy sauce, arrowroot powder, chili garlic sauce, and vegetarian broth.

Blog Pictures 009

Time to slice ginger!

Blog Pictures 010

Nice little matchsticks!

Blog Pictures 011

In two tablespoons of veggie oil I sautéed the ginger,

Blog Pictures 012

then the snap peas,

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

then added the shrimp

Blog Pictures 015

and the sauce was last!

Blog Pictures 016

10-minute brown rice! <3

Blog Pictures 017

We chose a nice pinot grigio to go with dinner. It’s food and wine night, right?

Blog Pictures 019

Wine poured. Candles lit. Food on plates. What time is it?

Blog Pictures 020

TIME TO EAT! (EEK– bad hair+work clothes+fake smile= goober alert!)

Blog Pictures 021

It was delicious! This is z’s second helping:

Blog Pictures 022

It was spicy and fresh and crunchy and perfect!

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Side love note: I’m on Spring Break and z surprised with a mini one-day vacation! More on that next…


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