Pan de Coco.

I saw a recipe for Pan de Coco (coconut bread) on the Whole Foods website and decided it was time to overcome my fear of yeast doughs!

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, salt, coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, yeast, butter, and warm water.

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Recipe on screen:

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I mixed the coconut, sugar, yeast, and warm water together and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

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While I waited, I mixed together the flour and salt in another bowl.

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I used light coconut milk and reduced fat shredded coconut to cut down on the fat a little.

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I added the flour, coconut milk and melted butter to the yeast mixture.

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It formed a beautiful dough!

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After I formed the dough, I covered it with flour and put it in a huge bowl!

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Once covered with a towel, I stuck it in the oven to rise.

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I have to wait how long??

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An hour and a half! Ugh, patience isn’t my thing!

I can’t believe that I let 90 minutes go by and I didn’t even take a peek at my dough! I’m glad I waited because my dough really puffed up Smile

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I punched it down a little and cut it into individual portions. The recipe said it made 8 rolls, but mine made a lot more than that!

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I stuck the 13 rolls on two greased baking sheets and sent them back to the dark oven to rise again…

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…for 45 more minutes! More waiting!

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They rose again! I took the rolls out of the oven and then preheated it to 350 degrees.

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While baking, these babies made the whole house smell amazing!

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A comparatively-short 25 minutes later…the rolls were light brown and beautiful!

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You smell good. You are pretty. I think I love you.

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I let them cool…for a couple seconds and then picked out the biggest roll for z and to split!

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When I broke it open steam came pouring out. Wonderful, coconutty dough smelling steam!

Blog Pictures 050

OMG. (Yes, OMG).

These were awesome. Hot, doughy, slightly coconutty and perfect.

Let me tell you that these beauties were 100% worth the wait!

Go make these now!

If you use margarine, they will be vegan.

I’m sure they can also be made with a gluten-free flour. Just make them. Now.


This pan de coco will make you loco. <—good one, huh?


Off to babysit MG! Love that little boy <3


3 thoughts on “Pan de Coco.

  1. Looks delicious! I’m always looking for breakfast bun recipes that are just slightly sweet, and love coconut. One thing, though: I doubt the recipe would work with a gluten-free flour, since the gluten “scaffolding” is what holds up a yeast bread. Think you’d wind up with a very heavy pancake without any gluten.

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