Mom and Dad come to Virginia!

z and I have been in the house for almost two months and my parents had yet to see it! On Sunday we made plans to make dinner for them on Friday night Smile 

Menu: (Hopefully) Grilled Swordfish, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Green Salad, Fresh Bread, and a Four-Berry Crisp!

Blog Pictures 011

Potatoes prepped for the oven!

Blog Pictures 008

Crisp, also prepped for the oven.

Blog Pictures 009

Mixed greens with cucumbers.

Blog Pictures 010

Mom and Dad!

Blog Pictures 013

The table!

Blog Pictures 014

Our SUCCESSFULLY grilled swordfish. I wrote “hopefully” above because the wind was crazy yesterday. We didn’t think the grill would stay lit long enough to get hot and cook the fish. By the time we were ready to grill the wind had died down enough for us to cook! HOORAY!

Blog Pictures 015

My plate: potatoes, bread, and swordfish. Everything was delicious, but the swordfish was AMAZING! Perfectly grilled and delectable!

Blog Pictures 017

I forgot to mention who else came to dinner…ZEUS!

Blog Pictures 018

And it’s a good thing he came because he helped out with the dishes Winking smile

Blog Pictures 019

Blog Pictures 020

After dinner we cleaned up and played some cards before dessert. The crisp (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry) was in the oven for a long time, but I think that’s what made it so good! It was thick and tart with just a hint of sweet, crunchy topping!

Blog Pictures 023

Served with vanilla ice cream, of course!

Blog Pictures 024

YUM! Delicious!


We played cards and Trivial Pursuit until I fell asleep Midnight and then my parents headed out. We had a really great time and are so glad they could see our house Smile


One thought on “Mom and Dad come to Virginia!

  1. We had a wonderful evening. The food and fellowship were both fantastic. Zeus approves and really likes the carpeted steps. I loved how everything is arranged. You both have done a wonderful job of coordinating everything.
    One day my house will be all done!
    Love You, MOM

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