Valentine’s Day 2011!

Honestly, I think Valentine’s Day is a little cheesy. Now, with that said…let me show you how I embrace the day with breakfast:

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

A cranberry heart <3

Blog Pictures 003

I was also blessed by this beautiful sunrise!

Blog Pictures 004

Blog Pictures 005

After work and class I came home to this:

Blog Pictures 006

and this:

Blog Pictures 007

and this:

Blog Pictures 008

So romantic Smile Pasta with awesome sauce!

Blog Pictures 009

Homemade garlic bread!

Blog Pictures 010

Fresh mozzarella and basil for garnish!

Blog Pictures 011

Dunk away!

Blog Pictures 012


Blog Pictures 014

Blog Pictures 015

For desert we had vanilla ice cream, raspberries and hot fudge! Seriously, YUM! (And yes, two spoons because we’re cute). Well done, z! Well done!

Blog Pictures 017

I opened my chocolate box and guess what I found…

Blog Pictures 020

…the gross orange filled one! After biting/smushing all the chocolates, we weeded out all the bad ones and left the rest for my belly Smile

Blog Pictures 018

Then we played with conversation hearts, naturally.

Blog Pictures 021

Be mine?

I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend that makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day Winking smile


Hope you all had a LOVEly day!!


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