A Fun-Filled Weekend.

Whew! What a weekend!

Friday night, foca, KB, and mojo drove South to visit my neck of the woods. We headed to Bangkok 54 for dinner and drinks!

Mango Ginger Martini – yum Smile 

Blog Pictures 004

Martini’s and Mojito’s!

Blog Pictures 005

foca’s pad thai.

Blog Pictures 006

I got the fried tofu with crispy basil. It was good but too much fried food makes me feel bleh…

Blog Pictures 007

We shared the mango with coconut sticky rice for dessert! MM!

Blog Pictures 008

KB and Mojo.

Blog Pictures 009

foca and I (with squinty eyes).

Blog Pictures 011


After dinner we headed across the street to P. Brennan’s for some Irish brews! We met a man in a “Jesus” shirt and heard a John Mayer cover of a Tom Petty song covered by a man named Willey Dicke. (Really his name was Willem Dicke, but the bar typed his name wrong on the calendar. Funny…)

Blog Pictures 012

Saturday was MG’s first birthday party! SO CUTE Smile

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures 017

Blog Pictures 019

Blog Pictures 021

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 023

He was looking for z in this picture…

Blog Pictures 024

I ate all the cake and no icing. Icing (for the record) is nasty.

Blog Pictures 027

How can you not love this face? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MG! LOVE YOU!

Blog Pictures 029

For dinner that night, z and tried a new place: Atilla’s Restaurant! It’s a Turkish restaurant right up the street and we’d never  been inside. I think I’ve gotten takeout with SG before, but we decided it was time to eat in the restaurant and I’m sooo glad we did Smile I wanted to treat z to a nice dinner because he took the LSAT and he had studied so hard for it!

We both ordered wine with dinner (white for me, red for z). z started off with a side salad that was topped with pickled cabbage.

Blog Pictures 032

We got the YAPRAK DOLMA appetizer (Grape Leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, onions, spices and herbs). Delicious!

Blog Pictures 033

The bread was piping hot and super fresh. MY FAVORITE!

Blog Pictures 034

Blog Pictures 035

For my meal, I ordered the Falafel Salad. It was fresh, crunchy and the falafel balls were only lightly fried and packed with flavor!

Blog Pictures 036

z got the lamb kebabs and cleaned his plate!

Blog Pictures 037

After dinner we stopped by Twisted Vines for another glass of wine dessert. I got a delicious Merlot (love it!) and we just sat there and talked. What a great Saturday Smile We got home before 11 and decided to watch some TV with…you guessed it – another glass of wine! Let’s just say I slept like a frat boy baby!

As you could imagine, we majorly slept in on Sunday morning. I seriously don’t think we were out of bed until 10:30! Yum, I love sleep! We had a late breakfast and then headed to DC a little after Noon. Where to you ask?

The Newseum! We’d gotten a Groupon for $10 tickets and finally decided to use them!

Blog Pictures 038

Blog Pictures 039

Blog Pictures 040

The view from the 6th floor balcony was gorgeous!

Blog Pictures 041

Blog Pictures 042

Then I came home and watered my new flowers. Beautiful aren’t they? Well, there’s a story that goes along with them…

Blog Pictures 044

While waiting for z to get home on Saturday night, a man knocked on my door, put the flowers in my hands and left. I gave him a funny look as in – buddy, these aren’t my flowers – but he didn’t say anything and neither did I. When z got home, I said “it’s not that I don’t think you’re sweet, but this doesn’t look like your work.” I was right. He didn’t order these flowers. We checked next door – nope not their flowers either. YIKES! Whose flowers are they? I immediately started calling the flower shop but it was closed so I had to leave my info with customer service. So – for now I have these gorgeous (definitely expensive) flowers hanging out at my house.

Blog Pictures 045

I hope someone can claim them tomorrow…but until then, I will water them like their my own Smile 



It’s time to get back to reality after a great weekend! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and rumor has it that my awesome boyfriend is making me dinner! OW OW!

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