This Is What Happens…

Hello, hello, my neglected blog!

This is what happens when school starts and you lose the cord for your  camera charger!

Spaghetti and salad dinner.

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003

Blog Pictures 004

This is what happens when you don’t feel like cooking: Tofu salad with honey wheat pretzels.

Blog Pictures 006

Blog Pictures 007

I went out with my girls on the first Friday of this month. We had Mexican food and delicious drinks!

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 010

This is what happens when you let your creative boyfriend decide what’s for dinner:

Portabello “Steaks” and potatoes! Seriously delicious!!

Blog Pictures 011

A1 and balsamic marinated veggies!

Blog Pictures 012

His and Hers steaks. Precious.

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

This is what happens when I’m the one in charge of buying beer: cute labels! That’s how I pick my beer! Don’t even try to tell me you don’t do that…

Blog Pictures 016

This is what happens when you get out of work at 1pm and don’t start school until 4pm: packed lunch in a computer cubby!

Blog Pictures 017

Hummus and sprouts wrap, FF cottage cheese and an apple!

Blog Pictures 018

Blog Pictures 019

And this is what happens when you have no more pictures…THE END!


Wait – this post is far too pathetic! I must include some updates:

  • I’m adjusting to life in “the South!”
  • I’m loving our new house!
  • I’m not enjoying the cold…
  • The Steelers beat the Ravens!
  • I ran out side on Friday and Sunday!
  • We went out with friends on Friday and had friends over on Saturday! How social of us…
  • I didn’t have to work today, so z and I took a 30-minute walk to run errands and grab lunch, then we walked the 30-minutes back and took a nap on the couch!
  • I have a feeling this semester is going to be a tad overwhelming…
  • z surprised me with something awesome today:


This will be my fourth one and I’m sooooo excited! Could my boyfriend be any hotter sweeter? Nope, I don’t think so Smile


2 thoughts on “This Is What Happens…

  1. Wow thanks for sharing this, it made me hungry. :) just kidding, but indeed the photos are amazing and I feel like wanting to have the tofu salad. =) Also you have also posted your lunch, it caught my attention. Well, I would like to share you an amazing lunch pack container. This container has 100% BPA free, durable, reusable, eco-friendly and very safe to use. I’m sure you’ll going to love this stuff for it can stack soups in it, any kinds of beverages, syrups, etc. No worries because it won’t leak out because it has two side locks to keep it tightly secured to protect your lunch. =) Try it.

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