A Christmas Visitor!

z’s sister came to stay with us for a few days before they drove up North to be with their family for Christmas! While z was picking her up from the airport, I was getting dinner ready.

But first…Dessert! This is the new super fast popsicle maker that z got me for Christmas. It freezes the popsicles in 9 minutes! How cool is that!?

Christmas 2010 020

I made a blueberry, lemon and vanilla yogurt popsicle filling for the machine.

Christmas 2010 023

All ready to freeze:

Christmas 2010 024

9 minutes and they were done! Now they’re just chilling in the freezer until it’s time for dessert!

Christmas 2010 025

Time to get dinner together! z pulled this recipe out of the Wall Street Journal a few days ago and I’m so happy he did!

Seared Halibut with Winter Fruit Vinaigrette

Christmas 2010 027

Ingredients from Whole Foods!

Christmas 2010 028

Christmas 2010 029

Getting the seeds out of a pomegranate is not easy!

Christmas 2010 030

Not blood. Just juice.

Christmas 2010 031

z and his sister got home just as I was finishing dinner. He popped open the wine and helped me cook the halibut.

Christmas 2010 032

Dinner time!

Christmas 2010 033

Not only was it a beautiful meal, it was super delicious too!

Christmas 2010 035

Christmas 2010 036

We all cleaned our plates and enjoyed the popsicles for dessert! What a lovely meal to welcome A to DC Smile

Christmas 2010 037

After work on Tuesday, we headed to the Capitol for a tour!

Christmas 2010 038

Christmas 2010 041

Christmas 2010 042

Christmas 2010 044

Christmas 2010 045

Christmas 2010 046

We walked all the way home from the Capitol. It was a long and cold walk! We were definitely taking a cab to dinner…

We knew we wanted to take A to Birch & Barley since we had a great experience there last time.

Christmas 2010 051

I ordered the Hand-Cut Tagliatelle with sautéed mushrooms, parmesan, fresh herbs. It was awesome!

Christmas 2010 052

I ordered a 4 oz. glass of beer (the name of which escapes  me).

Christmas 2010 053

The bread plate came out and I fell in love…again! This time they had cornbread!! YUM!

Christmas 2010 055

After the bread…my camera decided to die. Just know we had a fantastic meal! z had the Roasted Loin of Lamb with Cranberry Beans, Duck Sausage, and Smoked Bacon. A had the Prosciutto-Wrapped Veal Strip Loin with Squash, Brussels, and Potato Gratín.

And…we ordered dessert! z and I split the  Honeycrisp apple beignet with vanilla ice cream, caramel chantilly, candied walnuts. Seriously…where’s the bad in this?

Another delicious meal with amazing company Smile


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