Nasoya Wrappy Hour!!

After work on Friday I walked to Whole Foods to get all the supplies for my Wrappy Hour Smile

I used a coupon to get a free roll of won ton wrappers and used the $25 gift card too!

nasoya 007

Look at all my groceries!!

nasoya 006

Time to get to work peeling and chopping my Bosc pears for a new Food and Wine Recipe: Pear-Cranberry Hand Pies

nasoya 010

nasoya 009

The mix: fresh cranberries, pears, sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt!

nasoya 012

To press my hand pies, I used the new Dough Press Set that Nasoya generously gifted to me.

nasoya 013

nasoya 019

Place the thawed and rolled out puff pastry on to the dough press…

nasoya 020

…and fill with goodness!

nasoya 021

All pressed and ready to chill in the fridge for a while.

nasoya 025

While the pies chilled out, I made vanilla pudding for another dessert. Note: Do NOT use almond milk to make instant pudding. My pudding never set! You should use regular milk or add a thickening agent!

nasoya 024

Freshly washed, organic berries.

nasoya 026

Won ton cups!

nasoya 027

After baking for a couple minutes, they got a really nice brown color.

nasoya 029

Time to make dip! This is another Food and Wine recipe: Ginger-Miso Sweet Pea Spread

nasoya 014

Frozen peas, miso paste, scallions, jalapeno, and ginger!

nasoya 015

nasoya 016

First, I sautéed the scallions, jalapeno, and ginger in a little veggie oil.

nasoya 017

I added the defrosted peas in last to warm them up.

nasoya 018

Everything in the blender, with the miso and some water!

nasoya 022

Green and gorgeous!

nasoya 023

Time to wrap the asparagus:

nasoya 030

I coated the egg roll wrappers in olive oil and fresh parmesan!

nasoya 031

nasoya 033

nasoya 036

I knew I wanted to have a meat options for the girls since I’m the only vegetarian. I wanted easy and delicious so I picked up these organic sausages that were already cooked. All I had to do was slice and brown!

nasoya 035

Lovely dipping sauces, compliments of Nasoya!

nasoya 034

Before my lovely guests arrived, I folded the Wrappy Hour aprons and tucked some coupons inside Smile

nasoya 001 (2)

nasoya 037

The spread: Brie and cheese cubes, hummus, olives, dipping sauces, veggie tray (carrots, cucumbers, red and green bell peppers) with miso pea dip, sesame rice crackers, fresh bread, asparagus and parmesan rollups, chicken sausage skewers, vino, and “Last Minute Punch.” The punch was a mix of Disaronno Amaretto, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice – tasted just like fruit punch!

nasoya 038

nasoya 003

Eat up!

nasoya 039

nasoya 040

nasoya 041

nasoya 042

Cheers – Take One!

nasoya 043

Cheers – Take Two!

nasoya 044

Dessert Tray: Hand Pies, Mocha Walnut Brownies, and Vanilla Pudding Fruit Cups!

nasoya 046

Reminiscing Winking smile

nasoya 047

My beautiful Wrappy Hour crew Smile

nasoya 049

Thanks for coming ladies! It was soooo good to see you all Smile 


Thanks to Nasoya for this super fun opportunity to cook delicious food and reconnect with my girls!


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