Return to Normalcy!!

It’s Sunday morning! I love Sunday mornings! This was the first Sunday (in a looooong time) that we haven’t had anything to do Smile 

We sat down to breakfast and the Washington Post – together!

Blog Pictures 124

It’s funny that I missed z getting doughnuts for breakfast Smile

Blog Pictures 125

I had banana oats topped with a little granola!

Blog Pictures 126

I used my espresso machine to show z my new milk frothing skills! Soy for me, regular for him Smile

Blog Pictures 127

Blog Pictures 128

z headed to the farmer’s market while I finished the laundry, but I met up with him a littler later.

These are the goodies he got! Bread, apples, mixed greens, and red potatoes!

Blog Pictures 129

Seven Grain Bread! We’ve gotten several different loaves from Grace’s Pastries and they have all been excellent!

Blog Pictures 131

I’ve been getting some things done around the house. It’s pretty chilly in here so I made some hot tea!

Blog Pictures 133

Blog Pictures 134

Blog Pictures 137

Blog Pictures 136

Blog Pictures 138

Blog Pictures 139

Blog Pictures 140


Blog Pictures 142

Blog Pictures 143

Blog Pictures 144

Tea, honey, soy milk! Yum Smile

Blog Pictures 147

It’s NY Giants time.

Blog Pictures 145

z is making a Pork Roast tonight. He was busy in the kitchen prepping the roast with herbs, sea salt and pepper!

I think he was having a good time in there…

Blog Pictures 141

Fresh herbs!!

Blog Pictures 132

Herbed potatoes and pork – hanging out until oven time!

Blog Pictures 146

z rubbed the pork with thyme, rosemary, and S&P. He also cut up an apple and threw it on the pan for good measure!

Blog Pictures 148

See ya in 80 minutes or so!

Blog Pictures 149

Thyme and rosemary roasted potatoes with pink Himalayan sea salt and olive oil!

Blog Pictures 153

Freshly spun greens!

Blog Pictures 151

No idea…

Blog Pictures 152

The pig is all done.

Blog Pictures 154

Fresh out of the oven. This bread smelled sooo good! Actually, the whole apartment smelled good!

Blog Pictures 155

Rump roast? Teeheehee.

Blog Pictures 156

z’s plate!

Blog Pictures 157

Blog Pictures 159

My plate! So delicious! The salad was fresh, the bread was soft and sweet, and the potatoes were perfectly cooked! I love fresh herbs!! Have I ever mentioned that?

Blog Pictures 160

Dessert: A juicy orange to keep me away from the potatoes cleanse the palate!!

Blog Pictures 161

What a weekend Smile 

Work and class tomorrow…long day!


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