Indian Food Extravaganza!

Last night, z and I were invited to a wonderful Indian Food Extravaganza (or that’s what I’m calling it)!!

Our friend Annie had us over to her cute apartment to share her first attempt at Indian food with us!

Apparently there was a lot of butter, coconut milk and heavy cream in this butter chicken! I didn’t try it, but it got rave reviews Winking smile 

Blog Pictures 090

(p.s. don’t you love the name cards!)


This is a huge pot of vegetarian stewed chickpeas and cashews! Oh yum! 

Blog Pictures 091


Blog Pictures 093

I went to the liquor store yesterday looking for an Indian beer to bring. We found King Fisher so I picked up a 6-pack.

Blog Pictures 095

When I told them we’d be eating Indian food, they suggested that I bring a Rose wine because it balances out the spice really well so I picked up a bottle!

Blog Pictures 098

Annie and I opened it right away!

Blog Pictures 094

My plate was full of fluffy jasmine rice, spicy chickpeas and garlicky naan!!

Blog Pictures 096

The gang!

Blog Pictures 100

Dessert went from this…

Blog Pictures 092

…to this!

Blog Pictures 103

Blog Pictures 104

Blog Pictures 106

Blog Pictures 107

It was seriously amazing! Annie is quite the rock star in the kitchen!

Blog Pictures 115

Blog Pictures 108

Blog Pictures 110


Blog Pictures 111

MM Beer…

Blog Pictures 112

There’s Annie, our beautiful host!

Blog Pictures 113

Blog Pictures 114

Beer in a martini glass??

Blog Pictures 117

Why not!?

Blog Pictures 118

We went through some beer…

Blog Pictures 109

Wine and feet. I had to include a picture of my new boots! I bought them at Macy’s and they are not leather!

Blog Pictures 119

More beer? The boys were hurting after this Imperial Stout…

Blog Pictures 120

Hey Hoff.

Blog Pictures 121

z and I had such a great time! Great food and great friends! I can’t think of a better Saturday night Smile 


Thanks for having us Annie!! Everything was amazing!


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