Pancakes for One?

This felt like a really long week! Did anyone else feel it too??

Anyway…I worked my 8-2 shift at the coffee shop, came home for lunch and a nap, then headed to the gym for African Dance class! Wow was it hard! Big movements, lots of shaking and lots of jumping! I loved it and I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

I didn’t want dinner foods for dinner tonight…I wanted breakfast!! I didn’t know if I wanted french toast or pancakes, but when the sourdough bread didn’t look like it would work, I settled on pancakes.

z isn’t home tonight, so I pathetically typed this in to my Google Search bar:

pancakes for one haha!

I actually found a really easy recipe and just substituted unsweetened soymilk for the buttermilk and ground flax seed for the wheat germ! I also added a few shakes of cinnamon for good measure Winking smile

Blog Pictures 009

Butter me up!

Blog Pictures 010

The batter!

Blog Pictures 013

Let’s get cookin’!

Blog Pictures 014

I made half of the pancakes plain and half of them with bananas! I love me some banana pancakes!

Blog Pictures 015

Perfect dinner! Just what I had in mind Smile

Blog Pictures 016

And as if the maple syrup wasn’t enough sugar…I had a couple bites of this guy for dessert! I like the chili flavor, but the sea salt Lindt bar surpasses any flavor…in the world!!

Blog Pictures 017

Happy Friday everyone!


I’m so happy I get to RELAX this weekend! HOORAY Smile


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