Homemade Soup!

It’s getting pretty chilly outside now, so I’m making a lot more cold weather foods!

Wednesday night I decided on homemade soup for z and I!

I chopped sautéed some carrots, onions and celery in butter to soften them up a little. 


The left pot is mine and the one on the right is for z!

Blog Pictures 001

His and hers organic broth Winking smile 


I added TVP to my soup and I added organic chicken (I poached it separately) to z’s!

Blog Pictures 004

I used my newest kitchen gadget to spin some freshly washed parsley!

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003

I added the parsley to the soup right before serving it.

We had our soup with a fresh spinach, carrot and cranberry salad!

Blog Pictures 005

z’s soup with a hunk of farmer’s market sourdough!

Blog Pictures 006

My soup Smile

Blog Pictures 007

Delicious and comforting!

Blog Pictures 008


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