In and Out Dates!

Because we’re both home on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, z and I make an effort to eat dinner together.

Tuesday night we made tortellini and a huge salad!

Blog Pictures 001

Fresh basil makes everything better!

Blog Pictures 002

Wednesday afternoon after my gym class, I had a two part lunch.

Part One: Cucumber spears w/ hummus and organic cottage cheese topped with cherry tomatoes!

Blog Pictures 004

Part Two: Toasted bagel with butter and raspberry jam on one half, banana butter on a quarter, and peanut butter on the last quarter! Delicious!

Blog Pictures 005

I spent the rest of the day buried in flash cards! Around 6pm I got a call from z recommending we go out to dinner so I could take a breather!

Asian Spice it is! Outside? Yes, please! It may be the last time we sit outside for a while!

Fresh rolls to start!

Blog Pictures 006

z also got the Tom Ka Gai soup (Slices of chicken breast and enoki mushrooms in a traditional Thai spicy galanga–coconut milk broth) as an appetizer.

Blog Pictures 007

He got a beer, but I was chilly…so I got hot tea!

Blog Pictures 008

For dinner I ordered something new…Never Sober Drunken Noodles: “A new take on an old Thai favorite" – Buckwheat noodles (Soba) sautéed with baby clams,
cherry tomatoes, fresh chili, garlic, basil leaves and most importantly SAKE!!!

It was awesome and I got to take home leftovers!!

Blog Pictures 009

z ordered the Thai Basil Chicken – Thailand signature dish–Slices of chicken breast sautéed with fresh green chilis, garlic and Thai sweet basil leaves.

Blog Pictures 010 

It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a great dinner with my main squeeze :)


Missed the other times we went to Asian Spice? Never fear, check them out here:

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