10-10-10: One Day, Two Weddings!

Sunday was 10-10-10! It happened to be a popular wedding day…because I went to TWO!

The first wedding was for my cousin Ricky and his now-wife Jenn. It was held at the Herrington on the Bay and it was GORGEOUS!!

Weddings! 049

Weddings! 015

Weddings! 036    

Jah and I got there earlier than our parents and little bro so we just hung out. Isn’t he handsome!?

Weddings! 013

Weddings! 016

The fam finally arrived! Hey bird!

Weddings! 017

Ceremony Time!

My cousin in on the left.

Weddings! 020

All the bridesmaids wore the same color but different dresses. It was really neat!   

The beautiful woman in black in the front row, on the left is my Aunt! She’s Ricky’s mom :)

Weddings! 024


Weddings! 028

Weddings! 030

Weddings! 034

Weddings! 039

Cupcake and fruit appetizer? Don’t mind if I do…

Weddings! 038

Weddings! 051

Weddings! 061

Weddings! 072 

Weddings! 058


Weddings! 046   

Jah and I left the first wedding at 4pm, so we could make it the next wedding at 5:30!

Adam and Hailey’s wedding was also at a GORGEOUS venue! I loved being outside for both!

Weddings! 075

Weddings! 074

I got to sit next to this wedding planning couple ;)

Weddings! 076

She wore GAGA shoes! Haha!

Weddings! 098

The groom!


The bride!

Weddings! 093Weddings! 094    

Weddings! 096


Weddings! 104

Table 10 was the best table, ever!

Weddings! 106

Weddings! 107Weddings! 108    

Weddings! 110

Weddings! 111 Weddings! 112

Weddings! 125

Weddings! 128

Weddings! 133

Weddings! 134

Weddings! 148

I think it goes without saying…that my friends like to GET DOWN :)

Weddings! 139

Mazel Tov Adam and Hailey! 

Weddings! 132 Weddings! 137

What a fun, fun day!!


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