Typical Saturday

Saturday morning, I dropped z off at class and was treated to a Starbucks Special!
Soy Misto with a shot of pumpkin spice and a muffin!!

Weddings! 001

A litle later I had an egg in a hole!

Weddings! 002

Then for a later lunch, I had the rest of my cioppino!

Weddings! 003Weddings! 004

Weddings! 005

After lunch, I brushed my teeth and walked to Dupont Circle (about a mile and a half).

It was time to take out my tongue ring and replace my rook piercing with something that would actually let me sleep for the first time in 8 years!


Weddings! 009Weddings! 011

Whole Foods happened to be on the way home, so I stopped for a pumpkin whoopie pie, a sparkling water, and lots of studying!  

Weddings! 006

Weddings! 007

Weddings! 008

I got home, changed, and decided to go on a run because it was so nice out! I ran down and around the mall and felt great :) I think it was about 3 miles or so!

Dinner: greens, mozzarella, tuna, and a piece of bread with hummus!        

Weddings! 012

Time to settle down…two weddings tomorrow!


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