Cioppino (Cha-Pee-No).

z had a gift card from Legal Seafoods so we decided to use it on our Friday date night! We had been there once before but I wasn’t really eating seafood at the time. This experience was quite different than the last ;)

Bread and butter on little fishy plates! z ordered a Harpoon IPA and I had a glass of Pinot Grigio!

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They were in the midst of the Oyster Festival, so they were offering 6 oysters for 6 bucks! You really can’t beat that!!

They had 4 kinds of oysters, but we stuck to two kinds because z was most familiar  with them and knew we’d love them!

First Half Dozen: Kumamoto – “fresh cucumber taste with a creamy finish”

Verdict: DELICIOUS! They were smaller than your normal oyster, but they were briny and really packed a lot of flavor into a small bite! YUM!

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Second Half Dozen: Prince Edward Island- “assertive, briny and earthy tones with a clean ocean finish”

Verdict: Different than the first but equally delicious. These were the bigger, more typical oysters that I’m used to eating. They had more liquid which is fun to slurp down. 

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Apparently, a lot of people just swish and swallow their raw oysters. Not me. I love to chew them. I feel like this brings out so much more of the flavor and texture.

z ordered another appetizer for us to share and let me tell you how glad I was that he did!

Blackened Raw* Tuna “Sashimi” – pan seared and sliced with sesame chili vinaigrette, seaweed salad and wasabi

Not only was the tuna lightly pan seared, they coated the outside in extra chili powder! It was spicy and tangy! The tuna was perfect and … yes, like BUTTAH! I think z wanted to marry this tuna. He closed his eyes during every bite and …I just left him alone! It was incredible!

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Now…to the real star of my night:


I ordered CIOPPINO!!!!!

This baby had lobster, scallops, shrimp, calamari, littlenecks, mussels and scrod in a light tomato broth with a side of brown rice.

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this dish was. It was rustic yet elegant. The seafood was fresh and cooked perfectly. The broth was tomatoey and salty (in an awesome way), but had fresh basil to brighten everything up. Soaking the bread in the broth was amazing. This dish was heaven in a bowl! I could not get over how much I loved it. It was literally everything I would ever want in a meal. z and I both agreed that it was a “Denise Dish.”


Perfectly executed! Well done, Legal Seafoods, well done!

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Hello, Mr. Lobster Claw. How do you do?

The claw and the knuckle had a ton of buttery meat!! :)

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z ordered the special of the night: Panko-crusted Haddock in a light soy-ginger broth with brown rice and fresh snap peas! It was fresh and super tasty. The contrast between the soft, flaky fish and the crunchy bread crumbs was awesome! He cleaned his plate! I mean…he did run 20 miles yesterday, so I think he was due for a good feeding ;)       

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I gave all my shrimp to z because he loves it and I don’t. I didn’t eat the brown rice or all the seafood, but I picked all the mussels and clams out of their shells so I could have the best doggy bag ever!

Blog Pictures 026

Who’s jealous of my Saturday lunch?? I bet you all are… 

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Not only was every part of our meal great, but we were seated right away and had a great server.

If you’re ever in the area, and happen to find yourself at the Chinatown Legal Seafoods, ask for “D.” He was great!


Great night! AWESOME food (I’m already looking up Cioppino recipes)! Amazing boyfriend! I feel so blessed ;)


I have two weddings tomorrow (10-10-10), so instead of blogging , I’ll be celebrating with family and friends and getting my dance on!!


Congratulations Ricky and Jenn!

Congratulations Adam and Hailey!


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