Chili Today, Hot Tamale.

It’s not that I don’t have time to blog, it’s just that I do other things with that time now. I still love my blog and reading other blogs, but I am ok not blogging every day :)

This past weekend we stayed at z’s again.

Friday night we headed to Bangkok 54!

Fun drinks to start! Dirty martini (with lots of olives) for me and a pretty blue drink for z ;)

Blog Pictures 001

Firecracker shrimp and fresh veggie rolls! 

Blog Pictures 002

Crispy pork belly for z and Panang Jae (tofu, veggies, light curry, and basil) for me!

Blog Pictures 003

Saturday morning z went to class and I ran some errands. First stop: Free smoothie at McDonald’s! I got the strawberry banana and it was actually really good!

Blog Pictures 004

Second stop: Grocery store for chili supplies!

Blog Pictures 006

Lots of chopping!

Blog Pictures 007

Sauté everything first!

Blog Pictures 008

Add veggie crumbles and seasoning packet!

Blog Pictures 009

Blog Pictures 010

ALL IN with beans and tomatoes!

Blog Pictures 011

Blog Pictures 012

Blog Pictures 015

While the chili was cooking, z and I took a nice walk because he got out of class early.

z’s new centerpiece!     

Blog Pictures 013

Blog Pictures 014

Dinner time!     

Blog Pictures 017

Chili and beer go hand in hand!

Blog Pictures 018


Blog Pictures 020

What’s for dessert??? S’MORES!

Blog Pictures 016

Blog Pictures 022

Blog Pictures 023

Blog Pictures 025

Blog Pictures 026

Blog Pictures 027

Blog Pictures 028

Blog Pictures 029         

Blog Pictures 030

Blog Pictures 034

So delicious but so messy…there was chocolate everywhere!

Blog Pictures 039

Sunday morning paper and pancakes :)

Blog Pictures 040

Blog Pictures 041

I love z so much! I could just eat him up ;)

Blog Pictures 043

I hung out with SG and got coffee a little after breakfast. Then I got to go watch MG for a little!! I love that little guy  <3

z got out of class early again! FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL!

Sunday night dinner! Steak for z, leftover chili for me!

Blog Pictures 044      

It was such a gorgeous and laidback weekend! I think I might actually like Fall…


4 thoughts on “Chili Today, Hot Tamale.

  1. Hi D: wow, your pictures are beautiful and yummy looking too. Also, liked the pics of Pop Pop’s birthday party, thanks, take care, good luck with school.

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