Pick A Recipe, Any Recipe.

I was looking through the latest issued of Food & Wine magazine and came up with an idea! I asked z to pick a recipe, any recipe, from the magazine that he’d like me to make. This was fun for me because it meant experimenting and fun for him because he got dinner out of the deal!

He chose the Flatbread with Tomatoes, Ricotta, and Anchovies…minus the anchovies!

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but I liked the general idea.

Instead of following the flatbread recipe, I used Holly’s 4-ingredient pizza dough recipe!

Flour + Baking Powder + Salt + Guinness = Deliciously genius dough!

Blog Pictures 004

Blog Pictures 005

Blog Pictures 006  

After I made the dough, I infused some olive oil with fresh thyme and garlic and let it hang out on the counter.

Blog Pictures 001

Time to prep the tomatoes! I cut and seeded the canned tomatoes (I used Basil instead of Fire Roasted) then spread them on a baking sheet. I brushed them with the infused olive oil and laid fresh thyme down in between.

Before roasting:

Blog Pictures 002

Blog Pictures 003


Blog Pictures 007

While I par baked the dough with more infused olive oil, I made a spinach, carrot and cucumber salad.

Blog Pictures 009

Chiffonade some basil! YUM!

Blog Pictures 008

Time for a beer? I think so. I love the Dogfish Punkin Ale!

Blog Pictures 011

Assembly: spread ricotta on dough, add roasted tomatoes and basil, then bake!

Blog Pictures 012

Add more fresh basil when it comes out of the oven! 

Blog Pictures 013


Blog Pictures 014

I also added some fresh basil to the salad. So fresh and so good, good!

Blog Pictures 017     

Experimentation success.

I can’t wait to play this game again :)


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