Lock Out Weekend.

Saturday night was…interesting. z and I planned on going out for a casual dinner so he could come home and study. As soon as he shut the door to my apartment I realized something bad. I didn’t have my keys!! He usually asks me before he shuts the door, and I usually have them. Tonight, neither of those happened :( I called the leasing office (knowing it was closed) and the answering machine said “Lockouts do not constitute as an emergency!” Great…This is bad. z has to run and study and I have homework and …ugh!

Good thing we had another house to go to! We took the metro across the river and got stuck at a station for a while so we decided to walk. After calling our friends who have a set of z’s keys, RG picked us up! So nice!

We had cheez-its and beer until our pizza arrived!

Blog Pictures 001

Blog Pictures 002

Mediterranean Pie: Homemade tomato sauce, fresh eggplant, spinach, green olives, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses seasoned with thyme.

Blog Pictures 003

Fresh salads with extra black pepper!

Blog Pictures 004

Pizza.Beer.College Football.

Blog Pictures 005

Sunday morning, z went to class and I did some major organizing. Around 12:30 I headed to the G’s to celebrate T’s birthday!

Blog Pictures 007

SG made pound cake, blueberry sauce and fresh whipped cream!

Blog Pictures 008

Blog Pictures 010

Yes, I ate all of this!

Blog Pictures 011

I also got to play with my favorite little guy, MG! He is so awesome :) 

Blog Pictures 012

I had gone to the farmer’s market earlier in the morning and picked up some greens, green beans, and a red pepper to make a salad for dinner.

Blog Pictures 014

Pinot Noir!

Blog Pictures 015

Leftover pizza!

Blog Pictures 016

On Monday morning, i was able to take public transit to get back to my leasing office so I could get a spare set of keys. Phew…

After class on Monday night, I came home to this:           

Blog Pictures 017

and this:

Blog Pictures 026

Blog Pictures 024  

Blog Pictures 022

My boyfriend is pretty great. You should be jealous. :)


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